This is an exciting time for our team which is currently busy fulltime in the design and manufacturing of two brand new aluminium anodizing plants for installation in our home market.

Aided by our in house carpentry and other associated production facilities, our technicians and designers are actively working hand in hand with the shop floor teams checking a proper translation of their concepts into the new makings.

Witnessing the development of our own ideas and intuitions into a new manufacturing installation is getting extremely exciting for us all at Cisart more than ever, especially in hectic occasions such as these. Italian firms in the world of aluminium surface finishers are entering a new phase of modernization and for their new establishments need more often than usual the support of reliable quality suppliers of solid reputation, such as Cisart, with a long case history of successful installations. Besides being highly automated and productive, all newly made plants should also be environmentally friendly. As such, Cisart’s staff of technicians customize each plant on these features as well as on the demands of the end customer.


Our efforts are now concentrated in developing two very diverse plants for installation within a few months at two locations in Northern Italy in companies well renowned in the international market.

Of the two, the first is a decorative anodizing plant featuring several colouring technologies for a highly discerning customer, a supplier of prestigious architectural facades, for whom, besides Quality, Beauty is also an uncompromising feature of his end products, as expected by an increasing number of Artistic Urban Design decorators for whom quality and beauty must necessarily meet in their masterpieces.

The second installation, will instead provide hard anodizing for aluminium pistons produced by an internationally acclaimed company of long standing, operating in the automotive industry, for whom Cisart already supplied two other plants in the past, the first in Italy and then a second one in Eastern Europe, both of which also refurbished by Cisart more than once over time. .