When someone mentions “Aluminium anodizing” or “Painting Plants” many would suppose them being highly polluting and by all means not “Eco Friendly” at all, where the chance of recovering any fo the used resources is absolutely unrealistic !

Well, we can now gladly say that such times are over and that several options are now available at last !

Over the past decades a growing part of our industry kept moving ahead towards Sustainability with great determination, adapting its manufacturing skills to developing environmental standards within an attitude aimed not only at profits but also at the safeguard of the environment within a long time perspective.

We at the CISART GROUP gladly anticipated this trend by proposing environmentally sustainable plants were available resources are used more knowingly and, as such, one of the most precious ones, water, is recycled whenever possibile.

But why water? When we consider anodizing, Painting, Colouring, Brightening and other similar industrial activities, we notice that water is one of the most needed resource. All these (chemical )processes will not produce the expected results without an, at times, massive use of water.

However there is no need to waste such great volumes of water nor, once used, to spread it harmfully within the surrounding environment. Over the years, the CISART GROUP, have therefore developed new technologies for the Treatment and Recovery of Water used at all establishments installed for their customers.

Thanks to especially dedicated plants, so called discharge effluents (or “waste waters”) may now be disposed of properly directly into the environment, as demanded by local regulations, after specific treatments which only generate “solid wastes”, easily disposable of at specifically appointed sites and therefore of a lesser impact on the environment.

Even more surprisingly “Zero liquid discharge” solutions allows already used water to be almost fully recycled (as much as 90%) thus proposing a new industrial practice approaching “Zero Discharge”, as defined by the most advanced models of Circular Economy applied to industry. Besides, whenever needed, also feed water required to run the proposed plants will be treated preliminarily as needed to make sure it’s use in the production cycle is is fully optimized.

These solutions will not only safeguard the environment but also optimize the performance of plants installed in areas with stringent environmental laws or scarce availability of fresh water.

From a commercial point of view a different attitude towards the environment is an aspect which should not be undervalued. Sustainable water usage should therefore not be seen only as an additional cost but instead as an additional profitable investment.

Besides being beneficial for the environment, manufacturing in a Sustainable manner is also an added value in the market of operation.