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At that time the state of the art was basic and it is only thanks to the vision of pioneers such as Dionisio that modern aluminium anodizing and powder coating lines made at Cisart today are considered as being the most advanced and environmental friendly available.

Over the years Cisart have been installing plants in a wide number of countries, as may be seen from the list of references available in this site.

From this same list it may also be noticed that, over the years there have been several “comebacks” who decided to give Cisart more than once the opportunity of proving themselves as quality providers. Amongst these there are also several very “first ones”, such as the combined vertical anodizing and electrophoretic plant at Reynolds in the Netherlands, or the combined vertical anodizing and powder coating plant at Cuhadaroglu in Turkey, both for 7m long architectural profiles.

Another first one was the “zero liquid wastes discharge” plant installed at Solur in Ukraine for the combined electrophoretic and powder paint application on aluminium heating radiators.

Besides fully automated anodizing plants, current projects involve hard anodizing, electrochemical and chemical polishing, vertical and horizontal powder coating, mostly for architectural profiles

A brief history

Located halfway between Milan and Venice in Coccaglio, close to Brescia, the heartland of the Italian aluminium industry Cisart began its activities by supplying industrial services to the first few home made basic anodizing plants which came up at that time.

Of course they were all labour intensive and automation still seemed a distant dream, which only came true at the time when Cisart installed its first automated handling equipment in the early 80s.

As automation became an essential feature of all new plants, their configuration also changed, from straight horizontal to closed loop ones, as featured by most of today’s.

With the booming advent of powder coating Cisart expanded its range of proposals by including in it’s range of products not only powder but also liquid and electrophoretic paint application lines.

The first vertical electrophoretic painting plant was designed and installed by Cisart in the Netherlands in the early 90s. Since that time several more horizontal and vertical powder application plants have been installed till the most recent one in Dubai in 2017.

A combined vertical anodizing and powder coating plant followed in Turkey at the turn of the century, whilst a combined electrophoretic and powder coating plant later in Ukraine.

design of aluminium plants

Design and engineering

Each plant supplied by Cisart is carefully designed by an in-house team of engineers employing modern tools and sophisticated softwares with the scope of optimizing the use all available resources from the development of the original concept to a sustainable operation of the plant when in use.

Electrical power, heating and water usage are carefully calculated to avoid any possible unneeded waste and reuse wherever possible.

As automation became an essential feature of all the modern anodizing lines proposed by Cisart, more attention was dedicated to productivity, to the efficient use of energy resources and to a friendlier impact on the environment as a whole.

Equipment, carpentry and assembly

Sensitive equipment, for instance such as rectifiers, chillers, spraying guns and conveyors, are only provided by first class worldwide renowned suppliers.

All carpentry is instead manufactured within Cisart Group of associates, be it steel, stainless steel or polypropylene, as well as plant automation and electrical components.

All the rest is assembled at Cisart’s plant in Coccaglio where all necessary tests are also made before delivery.

Erection and commissioning

Cisart proudly supplies quick erection turn key plants including full assembly and start up, as well as the necessary supervision to erection and commissioning only, as needed by the end customer, with a full team of manpower and specialists.

Training and after sales services

Wherever feasible, Cisart employs first class material and components readily available in the Country of installation.

All technical drawings, plans, layouts and design data are kept at Cisart’s headquarters for 10 years after installation.

This ensures a quick recovery of all necessary material for an efficient after sales service.

A team of experts and technicians is available at all times to supply training, either at our premises or on site, to our customers’ staff and technicians involved in running the plant.

Our evolution

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