The CIE GROUP composed by: CISART, CIE and MST CHEMICALS is now generally considered one of the European leaders in the ALUMINUM FINISHING TREATMENT sector.

The group with its own technology and numerous international patents both directly and through subsidiaries, distributing to local agents in over 30 countries: from the USA to South Africa, from the United Kingdom to the Middle East, from Russian-speaking countries to India.

The group, which has origins since 1981, exploits, designs and creates all the systems as well as the chemical specialties necessary for finishing aluminium:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Anodizing OX plant.
  • Powder Coating &
  • Painting systems
  • Primary water treatment plants
  • Process water treatment systems (purification)
  • Zero discharge systems and water reuse
  • Chemical specialties of degreasing, deoxidation, colouring, conversion, passivation.
  • Chemical specialties for water treatment and purification

(CIE) Triple stage Evaporators unit
(CIE) Elval Zero liquid discharge, Greece
(CIE) Water treatment for aluminum surfaces
(MST) Chemical Laboratory
(MST) Finished chemical compositions
(CIE) Reverse Osmosis
(CISART) Horizontal Anodizing Plant
(CISART) Washing of treated aluminum surfaces
(CISART) Architectural anodizing line
(CISART) Treatment of aluminum surfaces
(CISART) Aluminum electrocolour
3D-Layout Final Evaporator System

The product sectors in which the group is most present are:

Aloy wheels

Radiators and castings

Automotive components and bodywork

Coil Coating


Alluminium Beverage Cans

The group is financially solid, technically advanced and has always been oriented towards the protection and saving of water, so much so that it is certainly the European leader in the construction of systems to protect the reuse of waste water (Zero Liquid Discharge) with over 50 systems installed in the way.

The numbers:

Headquarters: Milan area, Italy

Foreign branches and representations

RES plant technologies laboratory

RES laboratory. Chemist

Customers and users: over 300 worldwide

Main patents:

Recovery and reuse NaOH from washing aluminium extrusion matrices

Total reuse of water without the use of R.O. and Evaporators

80% recovery of hydrofluoric acid from H2SO4 /HF bath

Zero-discharge production of CuSO4 from waste

CIE GROUP’s Evolution