For many years, of the several technologies available for painting aluminium only electrophoretic could be applied industrially because of the barrier layer produced during the process.

Spray paint application became fashionable in the late 80s of the past century once it was clearly understood that a surface conversion was necessary before liquid or powder could be applied successfully on aluminium.

All plants are custom made by Cisart and comply with international specifications such as Qualicoat, GSB as well as with individual carmakers or national standards.

Besides electrophoretic painting, mostly for industrial application, liquid and powder painting are mostly chosen for architectural use.

Cisart provides the following plants:

Conventional horizontal powder and liquid coating

Complete high productivity (450 profiles/hour) powder coating plant for architectural profiles, inclusive of basket pretreatment. The plant features a single quick colour change powder application cabin, a variable speed power and free bi-rail conveyor and a gas fired curing oven.

Compact powder coating

Our COMPACT powder coating plant is the perfect answer to limited floor spaces. Main feature of this line is the overhead curing oven placed right above the moving powder application cabin. Except pretreatment, the painting line needs as little as 120 m2 for a STANDARD 48 profiles/hour model and 240 m2 for a 144 profiles/hr MAXI COMPACT model.

Vertical powder coating

High productivity is the main scope of a vertical powder coating plant for architectural profiles.

Our plants come with a stainless steel pretreatment long enough to accommodate any chosen chemical cycle and strict specifications, such as Qualimarine at speeds of 2m/min.

Optional quick cleaning booths, infrared precuring panels and on line jig cleaning are available on demand.

Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic coating , very common in the automotive industry, was first supplied by Cisart as a one coat white and transparent finish in Holland in the early 90s. At that same time a transparent colourless coat was being applied as a seal on anodised aluminium in the Far East. Nowadays a most common use for electrophoretic coating is to paint aluminium heating radiators.

Highly productive automated painting plant for preassembled aluminium heating radiators featuring an electrophoretic white primer application tank followed by on line powder application.


Our sublimation unit is a decoration machine specifically made for small size establishments not in need of high productivities.

A mobile horizontal rack with 22 hand locking valves connected to a vacuum pump is placed on an assembly table so that the painted profiles wrapped in the chosen transfer film may be connected at both ends to the suction pump.

Once completed, the rack is transferred into the oven for 20 to 25 minutes at 180°C to allow a complete transfer of the ink from the film into the paint.
Once the process is over the rack is removed from the oven so that the profiles may be unwrapped.