ossidazione decorativa alluminio

The aluminium anodizing, although being a very important industrial field worldwide, is a specialized subject generally managed by the players of the sector. Besides, even amongst the aluminium finishing niche industry professionals, most of people tend to match the anodizing treatment with industrial, technical or plant workings only.

In fact, the Aluminium Anodizing may have a lot of applications with many different purposes, such as the architectural sector involved in the Art . This is the case of the Decorative Anodizing, which is getting more and more combined with the creation of worldwide relevant art works.

One of the most recent emblematic example of the Decorative Anodizing involved in the Art is the architectural work erected at the Department of Islamic Arts of the Louvre in Paris and designed by the Italian architect Mario Bellini. All the metallic elements and claddings of the golden vault were manufactured by one of our important customer based in the province of Bergamo.

But why we should choose the Decorative Anodizing as a colour finishing of an Aluminium work?

The Decorative Anodizing Advantages


Quality: the anodizing process, if developed through customized and state-of-the-art anodizing plants, is a high quality surface treatment able to offer a great added value to the final product.

Resistance: the anodizing process makes an aluminium product more resistant to weather conditions and wear, besides granting the same features to the final colouring.

Aesthetic value: the anodized aluminium creates an extremely elegant, homogenous and striking aesthetic effect in the eyes of spectators . A wide range of colourings can be obtained with the anodizing process.

Flexibility: The decorative anodizing can provide a chromatic value to any type of aluminium frame, architectural and art work , since this treatment finds its application in many diversified sectors.

Sustainability: Despite what people might imagine, the aluminium anodizing lines can be designed and manufactured in compliance with environmentally sustainable standards. The plants supplied by Cisart are in full respect of the environment and make the decorative anodizing a sustainable process too.

The Decorative Anodizing topic shows us how the industrial sectors can be therefore involved in the field of the arts and how this strategic connection is able to generate beauty.