What a come back for Cisart in the Italian market ! After several years of successful activities abroad, besides several other new projects still in negotiation, in the recent years Cisart is once again leading the domestic market by upgrading several plants previously established in Northern Italy. In line with the 4.0 directives for the manufacturing industry , the market is witnessing a growing trend of activities in the world of Aluminium Finishing , presently focused not only on efficiency and automation but also on lean manufacturing and a friendlier impact on the environment . Amongst other projects Cisart is currently fabricating a highly developed chemical polishing plant in its premises for a well renowned firm in Piedmont leader in the aluminium surface treatment industry and focused on highly demanding markets such as aerospace, car racing and automotive in general. The plant, entirely made of high grade stainless steel, to avoid deterioration from corrosive vapours, includes an advanced fumes containment and scrubbing unit designed according to severe Italian environment safeguard norms and needed to prevent harmful chemicals from spreading about in the atmosphere.