Cisart’s team is now erecting a 75.000 A anodizing line for profiles in Alumet, the Netherlands, one of the leading surface treatment companies of the Benelux.

This line has been fully designed and manufactured by our staff in Italy, who will also take care of all assembly and commissioning works on site for a turn key installation.
nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet

The main features of this anodizing plant are:

– Three Anodizing Tanks equipped with Double Anodic Flight Bars  Double Productivity
– Flight Bars Double Position Rinse Wash  No Contamination between  Alkaline and Acidic Tanks
– One Anodizing  Subtank   nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet   Homogeneous Solution into the Anodizing Tanks
– Interference Electrocoulouring Facilities nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet  High Aestetic Quality of the Profiles and Wide Range of Colours
nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet

– Tanks equipped with Movable Lids and Upgraded Bridge Cranes complete of Fumes Containment Booths nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet Efficient Suction Fumes System and Lower Heat Loss
– System Automation nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet Fully automated line provided with automation functions in bridge cranes movements, process sequence and chemicals dosage
nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet

Our line will be fully operational within the following next months.

nuovo impianto anodizzazione alumet